How to Download Data-

There are a few different ways to download reports within Workspace. You can download a report as either a CSV, Image, or PDF. To download the report as a PDF, you will go to your Workspace, and select the report you would like to download. You will then click on the settings "wheel". Click "Export PDF" on the left hand side of the page. You will then click on the underlined downward pointing arrow. A pop-up will allow you to change the name of the PDF. You will then hit "Save".

If you would like to download the report as a CSV or Image, you will want to start on the map. You will click on the button that says "Download". You can then select if you want to download a CSV or Image.

Quick Summary of Steps

If you are like us and prefer to read! Here's a quick summary for creating your first report:

  1. Create map by using filters

  2. Select the Data (Ex. Total Crashes, Total Fatalities, etc.) that you wish to download

  3. Click “Download” button

  4. Select either CSV or Image

  5. For CSV: Select the data set you'd like to download. You can also select if you want the data filtered or unfiltered

  6. For Image: Adjust ratio and resolution

  7. Click the “Download” button to download CSV or Image

What happens next?

Once you have successfully downloaded a report, you can save it to your computer or send it to whomever you would like.

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