Getting Started

To get started navigate to Predictive Safety from inside your tools menu.

Once inside, the tool will default to your area of interest and top-ranked crash location for today's date. On the left, your legend will show you the top 10 ranks for the day by time bucket. Here you can toggle rank borders on and off of the map. Whenever you toggle a new ranking on, the map will automatically relocate to that position.

Crash Info

Your crash info provides a more detailed list of the rankings. Here you can see the prediction forecast, time bucket, zone, and nearest intersection.

Geohash Border

Hovering over a border on the map will provide you info on that location. This includes prediction forecast, time bucket, zone, and rank.


Once inside you will have several filter options:

  • Zones - Allows you to choose which zone you would like data for. You can choose multiple zones.

  • Date - Allows you to choose which date you would like data for.

  • Time Bucket - Time buckets are broken into four hour segments. You can choose multiple time buckets.

Once you have made your selections hit apply to save your changes.

Address Search

The address search allows you to quickly input and navigate to locations on the map.

Email and PDF


Your Predictive Crash Areas Report is sent daily at 12:00PM for the following day's predictions.

Inside will be links to each divisions report as well as an attached PDF. Clicking the link will take you to the predicted crashes tool.


The PDF is another helpful tool for you to quickly see predicted crash data. It will show the top 10 predicted crash areas for the day based on prediction forecast. The nearest intersection pinpoints a major intersection within the geohash to help officers identify a location to patrol.

*Note that the nearest intersection to crash area is for reference only. For statistical measure, the exact location of the predicted crash is based on an area, rather than a specific point. The location information provided in these columns is to provide a general location to the area the crash is predicted.

Demo Video

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