Speed and Reliability Report Type

  • Dynamic Legend Units

  • Added TTR Measure

    • Duval, Florida only

    • October 2021 Data

Implemented Deep Linking for Marketing

  • Provide County ID, and Product ID

  • Provide County, Product naming per SEO

  • Test with Urban SDK

JSO API & UI Enhancements

  • Updated the Predictive Crashes to a heatmap per JSO’s request


Added Dynamic Legend with following fields:

  • Set Legend

  • Add Units

  • Legend Scale Colors

  • Save Legend

Implemented Deep Linking

  • Provide File Url

  • Provide County, Info naming per SEO

  • Test with Urban SDK

Public Dashboard Studio Reports

  • You can now publish a customized legend to report

Data Hub

  • UI/UX Enhancements

Open Data

Urban SDK

  • Search through curated data templates

  • SEO Optimized

  • Filter by General and Location based tags

Admin Tool - Map Plus

  • Create Open Data Template

  • View/Edit Open Data Templates

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