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Location Builder
Location Builder
Allows you to create and save Routes by selecting the roadway, roadway segments via filters, or by drawing a polygon.
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Location Builder can be accessed from the Tools menu on the left sidebar.
Once inside choose Location Builder by clicking "Try Tool."

Once inside select Location Builder. From here you'll choose the location where you want to create a saved location. Click on the map to begin creation.

Here you can choose to use a polygon or a corridor to create your saved location.


For the polygon, once you locate the zone you would like to save a location in, you would click to start the polygon, then click as many times as it takes to get the shape and area you want to cover. To end the shape you need to end the line on an existing point.

You can edit your existing polygon by clicking by into the shape and dragging the points to their new location. If you would like to start over just click the delete button on the top toolbar.


To create a Corridor you will click to start then click along the route until you have the full corridor desired. To end click the directional arrows on the toolbar and you will exit edit mode.

You can edit existing corridors by clicking the route and sliding the points.

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