This product allows you to visualize maps and reports on origin and destination data for intermodal and commuting.

The Trips data queries origin destinations based on mobile-based location data. The data is uploaded daily into Trips Insights.

Urban SDK defines a trip that crosses a census tract over an hour.

Users can access this product by navigating to Insights and choosing a location and then clicking on Trips.

Once inside you can filter by date range for January 1, 2022, through the present. The data presented is aggregated by the hour. Users can select up to 14 days of data at a time.

A report is pre-generated based on the user's query. The report can be viewed on full screen by selecting the "Report Full Screen" icon in the light blue menu. This report provides information on the average distance of trips taken, length of time, etc.

To view the data in a tabular format, click "Report Table" from the menu. The tabular view will pop up on the screen:

Data Units:

Start Timestamp is in the UTC time zone

Average Trip Duration units are miles

Temporal Resolution:

January 1, 2022, through the present

Hourly aggregation

Spatial Resolution:

Trips are aggregated to the center of census tracts

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