Insights provides verified data to analyze trends and understand how the world around you moves.

Product offerings include:

  • Bridges: Bridge Maintenance Conditions and Reporting from the National Bridge Inventory(NBI).

  • Fatality Analysis: Fatality Analysis Reporting System(FARS) data regarding fatal injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes.

  • Speed & Reliability: Average speed and travel time reliability data from the HERE Road Network.

  • Trips: Origin and Destination data for intermodal and commuting.

Navigating Product Types

Inside of each product type you'll find several important functions:

Report Measures

Measures break down the data for you into quantified, easy to understand details such as the number of good inspection conditions or total incidents grouped by month.

You can visualize report measures on the map by clicking the location icon beside each measure. Blue means it's active on the map while white means it is hidden.


The map allows you to visualize data in your location of choice. By hovering over a datapoint on the map you will see a tooltip pop-up with detailed information about that point.

Settings bar

The settings bar allows for a few helpful options:

  • The ability to collapse the report measures sidebar so you can better view the map or to make the report measures full screen to better focus.

  • A filters picker so you can sort by date range and things such as bridge owner or saved route.

  • A report table that provides you with the raw data table.

Insights Legend:

The Insights legend allows you to manipulate the color of your datapoints.

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