The Traffic Impact Analysis tool can be located by visiting the tool menu from the left sidebar menu. Visit Scenario Disclaimer to learn more about the methodology behind the scenarios.

To start you'll need to select a location nearest your proposed development. You can search specific addresses or location names.

From here you will draw a polygon and select a radius to create your development area of interest. Name your development then select a geohash to run a scenario from.

Now you will need to add scenario details. The basic settings allow you to select the initial and projected year, development type, sub-category if applicable, and the setting.

Advanced settings will allow you to toggle the time period, timeframe, and unit of measure. Unit of measure will default to 1000 units but you will need to adjust that number so that it makes sense for your scenario.

You're now ready to run your scenario. Once you run it you will see results for Trip Generation and a breakdown for Net Daily Trip Distribution for the projected year.

Your trip generation results will show you initial year vs. projected year results for annual trips and net daily trips.

If you navigate to Net Daily Trip Distribution you will see a breakdown of trips per geohash direction and the percent of the total each is.

You can save your scenario to access at any time from your Workspace.

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