Search and store datasets in one hub for your entire organization, app or project:

  • Search - find available datasets by city and county

  • Download - download files (CSV, SHP, JSON) for your next Studio map or any project

  • Share - store datasets in our Data Hub file manager to share data across teams

How to build a dataset:

  1. Login - login to the Urban SDK platform using the link below

  2. Create a Dataset - click on the "Create a Dataset" button in the top right corner

  3. Pick Location - type in your city or county in the search box

  4. Pick Data Type - click on the "Add +" button next to any data types you would like to be included in your data set

  5. Add Details - add data filters including: select a date range, select from years, select from road types, select from routes, select a file output

  6. Preview Dataset - view table or view documentation to preview dataset

  7. Save - after clicking save, you will receive an email when the dataset is available

  8. View - dataset will be saved in our Data Hub file manager where you can share data across teams, or use the dataset to build your next Studio map

Build a dataset:

Login to explore:

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