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Learn more about the features of your personal and shared Workspace.

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Workspace is the center for organization and team collaboration. Workspace is the mission control to access all Urban SDK platform features including:

  • Insights - Traffic data analytics and reporting

  • Event Analysis - Create before and after roadway event analysis reports

  • Studio - Create, style and share maps

  • Data Hub - Create, share and download geocoded datasets

  • Dashboard Builder - Create business intelligence dashboards

  • Portfolio - Publish a branded website of all of your work

You must first sign in to access any workspace. Platform features are based on your current license. Contact support to learn more about additional platform features.


Workspace is your mission control. It organizes all information you or your team create or upload across the entire platform.

Every user starts with a private Personal Workspace. Users must be invited to join a Shared Workspace to access shared information.

1. Personal Workspace

The personal workspace is private to each user. It allows you to work on project files, reports or upload files that are not intended to be shared across your entire team, department or client base.

2. Shared Workspace

Users must be invited to join a Shared Workspace. Users can join an unlimited number of Shared Workspaces.

The shared workspace is intended to enable every user access to anything created or uploaded to the platform. It makes it easier to organize projects, reports and share information across the team in one place.

Learn how to invite new users to your Shared Workspace in Workspace Settings

Navigating Multiple Workspaces

Select the Workspace from the Dropdown

Before you begin, it is important to determine if you want to work in private or shared with the organization. By default, you will always log into the last Workspace you visited.

  • First time users will always start in their Personal Workspace.

  • By default, you will log into the last Workspace you visited.

Switch Between Shared Workspaces

You can switch between Personal and Shared Workspaces at any time. To starting working in a Shared Workspace:

  • Open the side menu and select the first dropdown option

  • Select any of the Shared Workspaces on the list


The home page organizes your top priority and most recent files.


You can star files under the Starred section for quick, ongoing access. You can also remove stars at any time and it will no longer appear in the Starred section.

To "star" or save a report as a favorite on your Home page:

  • Select the options ellipsis from the report card

  • Select Star Report


Recent will list the most recently created or edited reports.

Workspace Navigation & Features

Recent Shared Files

Workspace defaults to list the most recent shared files and will list anything created in the last 60 days.

File Type Tabs

Workspace organizes information by the types of information you can create based on your license, file type tabs may include:

  • Studio - A list of all maps created in the workspace

  • Insights - A list of all Insights reports created in the workspace

  • Dashboard Builder - A list of all dashboards reports created in the workspace

  • Analysis - A list of all Event Analysis reports created in the workspace

Selecting a tab will list the last 10 files created and you can page through the list.


If you have a busy workspace, search may be your best option. You can use the keyword search to find the file you need.

  • Select search and type the file name your are looking for

  • The list will update based on the keyword search

Category Filters

You can also filter files by the category. We provide a default list of categories based on the file type. To filter workspace by category:

  • Select the Filter Dropdown

  • Select the Category from the available list

Quick Actions

Quick actions is a drop down button that allows you to create a new map or dashboard from the workspace. To use the quick action dropdown:

  • Select Quick Actions

  • Select the file you want to create

  • If you select "Build a Map" you will open a new "Studio" map

  • If you select "Build a Dashboard" you will open a new "Dashboard" to upload files

Workspace Account Settings

Quick actions is a drop down button that allows you to create a new map or dashboard from the workspace. To use the quick action dropdown:

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