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I'm joining an existing team in Urban SDK
I'm joining an existing team in Urban SDK

Everything you need to know to get started with Urban SDK Workspace

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This article is intended to support users joining an existing team's Shared Workspace.

New users are invited to join a existing team's Shared Workspace. User accepting will have access Personal and Your account's Shared Workspace.


Workspace is your mission control. It organizes all information you or your team create or upload across the entire platform.

Every user starts with a private Personal Workspace. Users must be invited to join a Shared Workspace to access shared information.

1. Personal Workspace

The Personal Workspace is private to each user. It allows you to work on project files, reports or upload files that are not intended to be shared across your entire team, department or client base.

2. Shared Workspace

Users must be invited to join a Shared Workspace. Users can join an unlimited number of Shared Workspaces.

The Shared Workspace is intended to enable every user access to anything created or uploaded to the platform. It makes it easier to organize projects, reports and share information across the team in one place.

For a general overview of Workspace features, please read the Workspace Overview article to get started.

Accept Workspace Invite

Accept your invite to join a Shared Workspace

To join a Shared Workspace, you must accept the invitation. Invitations to join will be sent via email and through the in-app Alert Notification panel. To accept your invitation, either:

  • Accept the email invite by clicking "Join Team."

  • Or log in to your Workspace, select the Notifications icon, and accept your invitation.

  • Open the Share Workspace from the dropdown in the side menu.

Navigating Multiple Workspaces

Select the Workspace from the Dropdown

Before you begin, it is important to determine if you want to work in private or shared with the organization. By default, you will always log into the last Workspace you visited.

  • First time users will always start in their Personal Workspace.

  • By default, you will log into the last Workspace you visited.

Switch Between Shared Workspaces

You can switch between Personal and Shared Workspaces at any time. To starting working in a Shared Workspace:

  • Open the side menu and select the first dropdown option

  • Select any of the Shared Workspaces on the list


Settings enables you to control account settings such as updating contact information, inviting users, and adding your logo to public Portfolio reports.

Organization Settings are only available to users with "Admin" privileges. Users with lesser permissions do not have access to organizational settings. If you need access, please contact your account Admin or email us -

To access your settings

  • Select "Settings" from the footer of the left menu.

Account Settings

Account settings include your Name and Email. You can edit your account contact information and select save to make changes.

Deleting your account will archive the account. We can restore the account if selected and confirmed in error.

Change Your Password

You can change your password at any time. To update your password:

  1. Open the Update Passwords container.

  2. Enter your current or "Old Password."

  3. Add a "New Password."

  4. Confirm the "New Password."

  5. Select "Update Password."

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