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Customize Your Portfolio
Customize Your Portfolio

Customize your portfolio with organization name, logo, and brand colors

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Customize Your Portfolio

Users with "Admin" permissions can change Portfolio settings:

  1. Open Settings from the left menu.

  2. Select the Organization tab from the Settings menu.

  3. Open the "Manage Portfolio" container.

  4. Update the Details Organization Name.

  5. Upload a logo image file.

  6. Select a primary brand color.

Add a Public Organization Name

Portfolio includes a public facing Workspace name. Typically this is the public name of the organization. You can edit the name as you see fit.

  • Add your public organization name.

Add Your Logo

Portfolio includes a public facing logo that is visible on all public facing reports and files.

  • Upload a logo.

  • Accepted image formats include .jpg and .png.

Set Your Brand Colors

To change the default color:

  1. Select the "Primary Brand" color.

  2. Add a Hexcode or RGB code.

  3. Or choose a color with the color selection tool.

  4. Save Changes.


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