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How to Create Custom Portfolio Categories
How to Create Custom Portfolio Categories

Creating custom categories in your Portfolio

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Create Custom Portfolio Categories

Your Portfolio will display content for all published information by the Categories you add when saving to your Workspace. Categories become the Portfolio menu links and will only display when content is Published.

Categories are your Portfolio navigation menu. When creating Categories it is important to consider public users navigating the Portfolio. You control the Category naming and organization. Please contact support for additional assistance and best practices -

How to Create Custom Category Links:

You will have the option to add a Category to any File you save to your Workspace. By default your account will have optional existing categories.

If you would like to create categories specific to your Portfolio:

Create Your First Custom Category:

Creating a Category will provide the option to all Shared Workspace users. You will only have to create each custom Category one time.

  1. When you select "Save" a side bar will appear.

  2. Enter a File Type Name.

  3. Enter a Description.

  4. Select "Create Category."

  5. Add a "Category Name."

  6. Choose a Color - this will determine your Portfolio Icon colors.

  7. Select an Icon - this will help users identify Categories distinction.

  8. Select Save - this will make the Category available for all users.

  9. Select the Category Drop Down.

  10. Search for your new Category Name.

  11. Select the new Category you just created.

  12. Save your File.

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