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How to Download Speed Data From Insights
How to Download Speed Data From Insights

How to export traffic speed data from the Insights section of Urban SDK, store it in Data Hub, and download it onto your desktop

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12-Steps to Download Speed Data From Insights

To download traffic speed data from insights, first log into your account. From the home screen of your Workspace:

  1. Select "Insights" from the left toolbar

  2. Select your Geographic Area

  3. Select your Zone Type — either County or Census Tract

  4. Confirm your Report Type

  5. Select a month to analyze

  6. Build a report

  7. Once your map populates, click the "Options" kebab menu (3 vertical dots) next to the save button

  8. Click "Export to Data Hub"

  9. Tag and customize your layers to export as a dataset in Data Hub

    1. Name the Dataset

    2. Choose the layers

    3. Tag the dataset for easier queries

    4. Click blue button to export dataset to Data Hub

  10. In left toolbar, select Data Hub — the cloud icon below Insights

    1. Note: this will take you out of your current Insights report; you will be prompted to save your work

  11. From Data Hub, select the recently exported dataset

  12. Review dataset details and download dataset to your desktop

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